At BlockTech we stay up-to-date on the latest developments and trends through our experts, with years of experience in all aspects of the Industry organization and management, ranging from operations and engineering to energy efficiency and new energy technologies.

We provide our clients with comprehensive assessment and evaluation on key issues. We deliver the insight, intelligence and confidence to help our clients make informed and proactive decisions that best meet their needs.

We cover all the consulting services, required during all the phases of your projects, as well as on demand consultation:

Feasibility studies and techno-economic studies

Conceptual Design, we provide Technical assistance to the project owner for the validation of study files and technical options,

Technical requirement preparation, and development of all technical and non-technical documents forming the BID package.

Design Review,we provide a variety of design reviews, including third-party audits, to help our clients determine key details about their projects, ranging from detecting design flaws to providing value engineering.

Technical assistance, we assist our client in bids analysis and valuation, in the selection of the appropriate contractors

Technical support, we offer EPCM services to our clients during the construction phase, including Project Control, Commissioning, acceptance and warranty management.

Driven By Values, Delivering On A Vision.